R3v3lat0r Press Release


Internationally touring LA studio recording rock drummer-turned-Buddhist Monk, Jeffrey Mince returned to music after five monastic years to form R3v3lat0r, a supergroup of critically acclaimed musicians (including two Grammy winners). The result is Disinclined to Acquiesce, an ambitious array of original songs influenced by artists like Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, & Kate Bush, slated for release July 26th, 2020.


Ranging from atmospheric to aggressive, these seven songs include lush vocal and string arrangements, augmented with found sound audio samples from Mince’s world travels.


“My goal was to collaborate with musicians I love and admire," says Mince, "apply socially relevant Buddhist principles, and draw from our collective commitment to music to make a provocative statement.”


Mince asserts that art of any medium can inspire hope and provide a sense of community in confused and angry times. “My goal with Disinclined to Acquiesce is giving voice to feelings of frustration and loneliness that are pervasive in our society and offering a visceral experience to find beauty even in life's darker moments. Real love and kindness are out there, we just have to pause in our reactionary lives and take the time to look for them. As Leonard Cohen said:


Love is wrapped in beauty and hidden away between the moments of your life. If you don't stop for a moment, you might miss it.


This album intentionally focuses on reality and time so that we can examine the full spectrum of human experience in all its troubled beauty. While touring around the world I made binaural recordings wearing in-ear microphones, capturing both unique and mundane moments of time. I then distilled audio samples from those recordings into background textures and grooves, which show up throughout the album.”


In a career spanning over twenty years, Mince established himself as a professional drummer, working with renowned producers and engineers in most every major studio in the Los Angeles area, while also touring and recording internationally with punk rock icon Nina Hagen, among others. In 2009, he left the music industry to become a fully ordained Buddhist monk, teaching Buddhist philosophy and psychology full-time. Through focused spiritual practice he became devoted to helping others develop skills in finding peace and balance within themselves and in their communities.


Mince returned to music in 2015. With vocalist Toddy Walters (Toddy Ivy) and guitarist Mike Johnson (Thinking Plague) as co-writers and main collaborators, he brought in former band mates and industry professionals including Joshua Lopez (Grammy-winning guitarist), Steven Alan Snelling (pianist, string composer), and multi-Grammy winning mastering engineer John Greenham (Billie Eilish, Finneas, Ice T, etc.). The resulting album, Disinclined to Acquiesce, is R3v3lat0r’s musical expression of valuing the search for truth, peace and balance in the human experience.

"My intention with the R3v3lat0r project," says Mince, "is to find the place in which the paths I've traveled converge so that they might bring benefit to everyone.