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What Is The Revelator Compassion Project About? What is R3v3lat0r Music?

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The R3v3lat0r Music Album "Disinclined To Acquiesce" is the first project to be released by The Revelator Compassion Project.

We have strong opinions
Creative Revolution

The Revelator Compassion Project is the name of what I’m calling an “activist art collective”. At this point, it's a recording band (R3v3lat0r) of nationally and internationally known musicians, writers, choreographers, and dancers, as well as videographers, photographers, and multimedia immersive film teams. We are a group of like-minded people who are motivated to use their artistic expression to promote goodness and real compassion as a means of revolution.

We aim to do our best to speak out against and bring awareness to, the social and spiritual darkness that has increasingly revealed itself over the last few years. By "Spiritual" I mean that selfishness and greed are more evident than ever in our society and that it feels as if our "spirits", our inner sense of well being and balance are being degraded by that kind of dark-minded self-focused attitude. In R3v3lat0r Music's first musical release "Dis-Inclined to Acquiesce" we specifically speak to political and individual greed, the degradation of women, and the sense of hopelessness that sometimes can overcome us all in an outwardly focused society

In the video for the song 'GoDonGo' we are acknowledging that at some level we ALL have the arrogant, selfish and greedy tendencies that Donald Trump exemplifies, but most of us have depleted those tendencies in favor of a kinder and more compassionate heart of love. We have opted to choose love and kindness rather than hatred and selfishness.

It's through understanding that Trump and the people he represents aren't "other", they are "us" and they are suffering from terminal self-focus, that we will be able to make valid changes. Be the opposite of a Trump every day and you are creating that reality around you. That includes purposefully developing compassion for people you vehemently disagree with. That is a sometimes difficult but very evolved state of mind. That is compassionate revolution.

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